Love-making Stereotypes and Latin Girls

In the media, Spanish ladies frequently appear as loud, curvaceous sex symbols. They are depicted wearing skin small clothing, frizzy locks, and gentle body. This strangeness fetishizes people’s bodies and has an effect on how they perceive themselves. Other people who are influenced by these stereotypical photos may also be affected by it.

Sofia Vergara’s portrayal of Gloria Pritchett in Modern Family is one instance. She portrays a cliched” spicy Latina” who is noisy, personal, and wears tight clothing. She is merely arm candy for her ( white ) husband. This obvious and insulting notion has a significant impact on how people perceive Latinas as well as themselves. Actually discrimination and injustice is result from it in family planning.

These myths have the power to influence how Latinas feel about their sexual orientation and how they choose to use birth control and maternity. For instance, a person who is perceived as a savory Latina does not feel comfortable asking her physician about using a challenge birth control. This is especially true if she fears that her doc will judge her or treat her terribly because of the choices she makes.

Hollywood needs to dispel these myths and give youthful Latinas figures they may emulate that are unique from the norm. On Brooklyn Nine-nine, there are some cases, like Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz. Both of them show off detectives who do n’t fit the typical Latina stereotype. They do n’t speak with an accent and are tough.

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