Assaying and Hallmarking gold and silver products

QualityAssay provide unmatched and reliable services for more than a decade


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Our new branch opened at Kuthuparamba and Payyanur

We Boost your Credibility in Jewellery and Precious Metal Industry through Meticulous Analysis

We are India’s most trusted BIS recognized Assay & Hallmarking. Our assessment procedures are accurate, advanced and reliable. To get all your products hallmarked, you can directly reach us in our centers.
Hallmarking makes your product and you reliable for your customers. To maintain your reputation as high-quality suppliers, contact most trusted BIS authorized Quality Assay. LASER engraving of Hallmarks on your products is crucial these days as customers are more about purity and quality than any other era.


Build your brand by strengthening yourself on the trust factor. Get your silver and gold ornament/coin/jewel products hallmarked from us.

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QualityAssay assess your precious metal jewels for quality and purity by using most advanced technologies to give out precise and reliable results.

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Why Deploy Hallmarking?

To sustain in the throat-cutting competition, you need to maintain reliability and reputation; Hallmark lets you thrive towards both without hassles.

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Register with us

Get ‘certified’ marks on all your products from BIS trusted company QualityAssay. Register yourselves with us to smooth the regular assaying process.

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Our Process of Assaying

We are well equipped with state of the art Gold Assay laboratory, using XRF for preliminary & classic fire Assay method for gold testing. The modern X-ray fluorescence is also a non-destructive technique that is suitable for normal assaying requirements. It typically has an accuracy of 2–5 parts per thousand and is well-suited to the relatively flat and large surfaces. Fire assay method is the most elaborate assay method. As applied to gold bearing metallic’s, as in hallmark assaying, it is also known as cupellation and can have an accuracy of 1 part in 10,000.Hallmarking is done with latest Laser marking Technology.

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